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Your church, business, or school can sponsor a large event of 40,000 to 250,000+ meals.

We bring the equipment and raw materials and you supply volunteers from ages 8 to 88 along with funding.

The cost is $.25 per meal plus a donation for travel expenses. Metro area Indianapolis (Marion and 7 "donut counties") is a $250 travel donation.  Outside of the metro area is a $750 travel donation.  As the event sponsor you help determine the destination of the meals.




Perfect for smaller groups and birthday parties, and you join us at our facility in Indianapolis.

Youth Groups, Bible Study Groups, Senior Groups, Small Office Parties, Team Building exercise for a corporate staff!dsc 0570opt

A group of up to 60 can arrange for a private session, at a time that works for your group.  This group will staff up to 5 assembly lines and create up to 15,000 highly nutritious meals. The requested donation is based on the number of meals you want to pack at a rate of $.25 per meal.  We will work with you to determine the destination of the meals. 

To Schedule any of these activities, contact:

Ron Pierce, Manager of Events 

Kids Against Hunger-Greenwood, Inc.,
5230 Park Emerson Dr. Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Office: 317-429-9876 Cell: 317-370-6419


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Kids Against Hunger would like to thank the Greater Greenwood Chamber of Commerce for coming out and celebrating our ribbon cutting with us.  We were able to recognize volunteers for their efforts in getting the build-out done for us and introduce our organization to some of the chamber board members.  We look forward to growing our relationship with the Chamber and the Greater Greenwood area! 


Update from International Care Ministries

The Struggle To Rebuild Four Months After Haiyan and How KAH Is Helping

Unloading KAH food for distribution.
Recovering from a natural disaster as severe as Typhoon Haiyan is a daunting task for anyone but of the ultrapoor families taht KAH food reaches through ICM, the burden seems overwhelmingly impossible.  Resources were already limited before the storm struck for these families who were living on US $.50 per day.  Now they must save every peso so they can rebuild their homes and livelihoods that Typhoon Haiyan absolutely destroyed.  Kids Against Hunger's generous support of ICM has impacted many families still recovering from Thyphoon Haiyan - specifically those living on the Philippine islands of Bohol and Cebu.  ICM has also shared NutriPacks with other NGO's in Samar and Leyte.  KAH has provided NutriPacks to families in need of healthy meals.  NutriPacks provide so much more than nutritional meals.  They provide hope to families in seemingly hopeless situations.

Community in Cebu happy for their NutriPacks

ICM disaster relief teams have completed 66 distributions, reaching 28,575 hungry families with relief supplies to date.  Your generous donation of NutriPacks has played a crucial role in reaching suffering faimlies in Cebu and Bohol.  This is invaluable support as families have to focus a great amount of energy on rebuilding their homes and livelihoods in addition to finding nutritional meals.  Many individuals are saving as much money as they can so they can by G.I. sheets and other materials to begin rebuilding.

Typhoon Haiyan affected families still recovering from the massive earthquake, as well.  Bohol was severely wounded before Haiyan hit the northern part of the island.  Although the typhoon did not devastate Bohol as severely as Cebu, the power outages posed a serious obstacle to recovery.

Hermes and Nora's home

Pastor Hermes and Nora lost their home and their church during the earthquake.  They are still living in a tent as their makeshift home and their church is a tarpaulin thateveryone can gather underneath for worship.  When asked about her community's biggest need, Pastora Nora answered, "People are coming to find shelter and a place they can be cared for and loved and where they can call home."


philippines4opt philippines5opt
Families lining up for their NutriPacks A happy recipient.
KAH has impacted so many communities in Cebu.

Thank you, Kids Against Hunger, for showing all fo these families that they are loved and cared for.  Thank you for making it possible for them to rebuild home.



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Food For The Poor is the largest international relief and development organization in the United States, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Founded in 1982, this interdenominational Christian ministry serves the poorest of the poor in 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

20130319-22 hai hp0663Kids Against Hunger-Greenwood is proud to be a strategic partner with Food For The Poor working to end hunger in this part of the world.  In 2012, our satellite along with sponsor groups such as FFA and partner churches sent hundreds of thousands of meals to Haiti and Guatemala through Food For The Poor. In that same year, Food For The Poor shipped 3,414 containers of aid and built 6,805 new housing units.

In March of 2013, our director, Larry Moore traveled to Haiti to see the feeding programs and help prepare Kids Against Hunger meals for the starving children in orphanages run by Food For The Poor.

Last October, the FFA sent 500,000 meals to Haiti.  Click here to read about how Food for the Poor is making a difference in the Western Hemisphere.

20130319-22 hai hp1009To the left is a picture of a Haitian girl holding a bag of food packed at our FFA "Rally to Fight Hunger" event in October 2012.  This bag along with thousands like it are saving the lives of countless children in Haiti.

Would you like to help be a part of the solution?  Click here to learn how you can organize a packing event and saves live.

If you would like to see more pictures from Larry's trip click here.  All photos are courtesy of Hilda Perez and Food For The Poor.

To read more about Food For The Poor, you can visit their site or click "read more" below. 


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Have you packed food with us and wondered, "Did the food get there"?  Now you can "Follow The Food." After a packing event is over, volunteers can check back here and see when and where their food arrived.  We will post pictures of the arriving food as we get them. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we will also announce the arrival of food!

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